The spread of the coronavirus across the U.S. and necessary measures to slow down the spread through social distancing have affected us all. Schools are closed, sports are canceled, and large events are over. This is entirely appropriate. But we at Sweep are keenly aware that many of our friends and family are experiencing the hardship of reduced pay due to less work hours and shutdowns.

If this also describes you or someone you know, SWEEP AID may be able to help. 

If you have already attended an Introductory Presentation or completed your Initial Consultation, we invite you to contact us again us so we can help you prepare for whatever happens in the coming months. DON'T WAIT until it’s too late! 

Since we are not able to meet in person at this time, we encourage you to consider meeting us in the comfort of your home through our webinar.  This will allow for social distancing.

We have a very user-friendly, simple way to do a webinar that we can hold with anyone who has internet access. We will provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions for how to join the webinar. It may even set you up for more convenient meetings in the future!

We want to hear from you.
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