Aloha Sweep Family!

We hope you are doing well and staying safe.

In addition to having a choice to either come into the office or meet via online meeting for your Sweep appointments, we are now able to conduct in-person group Intro Presentations.

Safety Measures for Sweep Offices (Updated 06-30-20)
We will be following CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting. 

Sweep Staff:

• Must wear a face mask 
• Maintain social distancing (6ʻ apart at all times)
• Stay home if not well

  • Clients, Leads, and Guests:
    • All must wear a face mask at all times
    • Maintain 6ʻ social distancing
    • If you are ill, you will not be allowed to enter the office
    • All reading material (newspaper, magazines) will be removed
  • from the lobby

    Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In:

    • Lobby
    • Presentation rooms
    • All offices
    • Kitchen


    • Staff, Clients or Leads must wear a face mask at all times
    • Practice social distancing

    In-Person Group Presentations:

    • Group Presentations up to 10 people including Sweep staff
    • All must wear a face mask at all times
    • Maintain social distancing (6ʻ apart at all times)

    After Each Meeting/Appointment/Group Intro, The Staff Will Sanitize:
    • Room
    • Doorknobs
    • Desk
    • Chairs
    • TV
    • Computer
    • Keyboards
    • Remote controls
    • Pens
    • Calculators

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